Chris wakes up in the morning after a night he can’t remember and finds a naked stranger on his couch. She’s beautiful, mysterious, and very angry. Chris calls his best friend Rick to help him out of this mess, and the three of them must discover who they are on the morning after.

About our Crowdfunding campaign:

GENTLEMAN is a short film written and directed by comedian and filmmaker Greg Asdourian, based on a story by Bay Area author Rick Pyle. It will be directed by Greg Asdourian, with cinematography by Anthony Vierra. These three friends and artists are asking for your help to make this film a reality. 

Movies cost money! This is what they call a shoestring budget, but even this modest budget means the difference between a fancam and a finished film. The money we raise through this effort and your generosity will go first and foremost to paying actors and crew for their labor. Some will go to feeding and providing other on set needs for the cast and crew. A smaller amount will be used for new equipment, production costs as well as post production for the final film. We expect a shoot of three days, and a finished film of 15 minutes. At this length, it will be eligible for entry in contests and festivals!

Backers on this project will receive digital downloads of the finished film. Tiered rewards include punch-up for public speaking, behind-the-scenes exclusive content, dinner with the director, and more!

Making this film has been a shared dream of ours for over ten years. This is an effort primarily by filmmakers and actors who are all people of color, all of us from groups typically underrepresented in film. We want to share our long friendship with you, show you what we can do together as students and mentors, as friends and brothers. We want to take advantage of our time together, which feels more precious than ever after all three of us recovered from Covid-19 infections in 2020. With this lens on the fragility and brevity of life, we want to make art that we can be proud of, and to show our kids and friends that the dream never dies.  

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