Play Title                                      Type of Role/Character                              Theatre Co./Venue

Christmas Carol                                      
Mark Lemon/Fezziwg                              A Muse Theatre Co.

Twelfth Night, or What You Will         Sir Toby Belch                                           Round Belly Theatre

Sweatheart & Darling                      Jack                                                         Round Belly Theatre

Evil Dead: The Musical                    Fake Shemp/The Guy                The Willows Cabaret Theatre

Holiday Celebrations From              The Misfit Clown              The Pleasanton Civic Arts Theatre
Around the World

The Graduate                                    Ensemble                                                Townhall Theatre Co.

Evil Dead: The Musical                      Fake Shemp/The Guy                   The Willows Cabaret Theatre

Hold Me!                                           Bernard/Various                                      Los Medanos College

Over the Tavern                                Chett                                                       Diablo Valley College

Macbeth                                           The English Doctor/Various                     Diablo Valley College

Godspell                                           Matthew                                          The School House Theatre

Twelfth Night, or What You Will         The Drummer/Ensemble                         Diablo Valley College

Anne of Green Gables                        Mr. Phillips                              Contra Costa Christian Theatre

Random Acts of Theatre V                 Various                                                        The Little Theatre

Romeo, You idiot!                              Romeo                                                         The Little Theatre

Remember My Name                          Pere Antione                                                The Little Theatre

The Commedia 'dell Shakespeare       Various                                                  Los Medanos College

Once Upon a Mattress                        Sir Studley                                                   The Little Theatre

Voices 2000                                       Various                                                       The Little Theatre

The Great Pandemonium                    Oz                                                              The Little Theatre

The Odd Couple (Fem. Ver.)               Jesus Costazuela                                         The  Little Theatre

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