Take a well-known movie title and mash it up with a superhero. Because everything's better with superheroes, right?

The Talented Mr. Mxyzptlk

Dances With Wolverine

The Curious Case of Benjamin Grimm

March of the Penguin

Scent of an Invisible Woman

The Aquaman Who Wasn't There

Mr. Miracle on 34th Street

Die Hard: With Avengers

The Phantom vs the Menace

The Spidey Sense

The Muppets Take Doctor Manhattan

Fried Green Lantern Tomatoes

Dr. Midnite in the Garden of Good and Evil

The Flash Dance

Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon Knight

Harry Osborn and the Half-Blood Diana Prince

Phantom Stranger of the Opera

There's Something About Mary-Jane Watson

Crouching Tigra Hidden Savage Dragon

Dark Knight of the Living Dead

30 Days of Nightcrawler

Undercover Brother Voodoo

King Kang

Riddler's List

Where the Wild Swamp Thing Is

Dr. Strange Days

Bruce Wayne's World

Deathlok Becomes Her

Sky Captain Marvel and the World Of Tomorrow

Indian Jones and the Temple of Doctor Doom

Moby Dick Greyson

Into the Blue Beetle


Lethal Weapon X

Alpha Flight of the Navigator

What's Eating Norman Osborne

A Hard Day's Nightwing

Mister Fantastic Voyage

The Tao of Steve Rogers

Kingdom of the Spider Jerusalem

The Green Lantern Mile

Midlife Crisis on Infinite Earths

Secret War of the Roses

Irwin the Ambush Love Bug

Harley Quinn and the Marlboro Man

Fantastic Four Feathers

Clash of the Teen Titans

Annie Hall of Justice

The Devil Dinosaur Wears Prada

American History X-Men

Hulkback Mountain

A View to a Killraven

For Your Hawkeyes Only

Hard Day's Dark Knight


Dial M for Magneto

Jesus Christ Superman

The Flash and the Furious

The Hidden Fortress of Solitude

A Justice League of their Own

Before Daredevil Knows You're Dead

Mystique Pizza

500 Days of Scott Summers

An Officer and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The Quicksilver and the Dead

Things to Do in Denver When You're Deadpool

Bruce Banner Almighty

Doc Samson and Delila

Easy Ghost Rider

No Country for Old Men of Steel

Citizen Cain Marko

Magneto's Family Reunion

Grumpy Old X-Men

X-Men Don't Leave

Mourning Becomes Electro

The Blue Beetle Brothers

The New Gods Must Be Crazy

Dial Emma Frost for Murder

Broken Green Arrow

Lightning Lord of the Rings

Stupendous Man in the Iron Mask

Scarlet Witches of Eastwick

Charlie Xavier and the Chocolate Factory

Malcolm X-Men

Blue Beetlejuice

K19: The Black Widow Maker

Nightcrawler of the Living Dead

The Wizard of Ozymandias

The Weather Wizard of Oz

Catwoman on a Hot Tin Roof

There's Something About Mary Marvel

Stark Wars

Black Canary Row

Supermen in Tights

Reverse Flash Dance

Schindler's Legion of Super Heroes

The Aquaman and the Sea

The Big Barda Lebowski

Emma Frost/Nixon

Being J'onn J'onzz Malkovich

The War Machinist

The Nutty Professor Xavier

Captain American Pie

American Psycho Pirate

Crime and Punisher

Drag Me to Hellboy

The Maltese Hawkman

The Breakfast Hellfire Club

Daredevil in a Blue Dress

Meet Joe Black Panther

Batgirl Interrupted

Purple Rain Man

O Brother Power the Geek, Where Art Thou?

Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Children of a Lesser Zod

Fantastic Four Weddings and a Funeral

From Hellblazer

Soylent Green Lantern

Nick & Norah's Infinity Gauntlet

Captain Planet of the Apes

Company of Wolverines

To Havok and Have Not

Kitty Pryde and Prejudice

Sentinels and Sensibility

Dawn of the Deadman

Driving Ms. Marvel

When Harry met Cyclops

Six Days, Seven Nightcrawlers

Balls of Nick Fury

Julie & Juggernaut