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This week on the show our heroes mourn the loss of the hilarious Kelly Anneken (She is taking a 2 month leave from the show.) and welcome her temporary stand in Michael Scott Wells!!!

Then we proceed to talk and comment about the Chinese freighter that destroyed 2 miles of the great barrier reef in Australia, while trying not to make a cheap joke about why chinese sailors can't drive. Then go about comparing Ferngully to Avatar.

Then we investigate the newly released "Tactile Minds." The newly released Canadian pornographic magazine for the visually impaired. We look at some naughty brail and see what all the big blind fuss is all about.

Then realize Mel Brooks made better porn for the blind than this publisher could

This leads our intrepid PirateCats to speculate what explaining the 'Bird's and the bee's' to Helen Keller would be like? How did Anne Sullivan (The Miracle Worker) explain to a deaf, mute, and blind Helen about the art of making love.

Then start to wonder if Helen Keller could actually do all the things they say she could. Perhaps Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller were frauds. Maybe Anne was a 'Pretty Good' worker at best.

Then we proceed to write excerpts from Lucas's Diary during the filming of the original trilogy. And why he should be locked away and never be allowed to go near filmmaking equipment again. Then we wax philosophically about how there will be another Beatles and that MTV and VH1 are a sham!

We discuss how Kevin Smith helped create a 'Straight bear community' and how he and Seth Rogen have helped make the funny fat trendy.

Then we start to analyze why High school reunions can be fun when the nerds get their revenge. And we thank the pirate radio gods that we have a hot barrista in the cafe like 'Holsome Heidi' to motivate the three of us to be funny.

Then we all watch and review ... to the sad music from the Incredible Hulk.

We discuss the footage tittle "Collateral Murder" released on

Then we look at how Star Trek creator Gene Roddenbary created a Utopian society by accident. And Quantum Leap showed us all that there can be a great show that stands the test of time.

Then we analyze comparisons between Iron Man 2 and Rocky 3's plot.

Then we debate weather or not pilots should be on anti-depressants.

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Greg, James, & Mike