The Morning Wood Show 3/31/10

Hey Jesus? Wak-ey, wak-ey, eggs and bac-key!!!

It's the Easter Edition of the Morning Wood Show! On this episode Greg and Kelly mourn the absence of James Fluty.

Then talk about the Christian Superbowl that is the resurrection of Christ and Kelly's Catholic up bringing. We celebrate Jesus by playing clips from "Jesus Christ Superstar" & "Godspell."

Also Kelly wages war against the Shell station on 17th & Potrero in San Francisco. Then Kelly spits some game out to the gentlemen of the inter-web in a particularly entertaining No-Kay Cupid!

We talk about why you shouldn't watch Nick Cage Movies (see video below)

And we talk about or favorite Bill Murry moments.

And more "A League of Their Own" references than you can shake a stick at!

And we find out that Kelly tolerates kissing other women.

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