So tonight at the Comedy Off Broadway Show at Miss Pearl's Jam House in Oakland was auditions for an agency that represents comics. Naturally, this resulted in a huge turn out of comedians from all over the bay area who wanted a shot to be seen by the rep.

In some ways this was really cool. For instance I was able to hang out with a lot of Comics I don't see too often like Tina Allen, who I think is one of the funniest ladies I've ever met. And other people i see all the time like Big Al Gonzales and Colleen Watson, but still love hanging out with. It was kind of like an annual meeting where you get to see everyone who works at the company with you.

I got to see a lot of comics I hadn't before (as well as a few that I could have lived without seeing again, meh...). Larry Bubbles Brown showed up and hung out for awhile, then disappeared as quickly as he arrived (MAAAWWW...)

But what really surprised me was how equalizing tonight was. Sure some comics did better than others, but it was five minutes. Thats it. Everybody gets 5. Everyone there has five minutes to show off what they can do.
And its funny, some of us had been doing it for years, and some where doing it for less than 1, but we all had that same 5 minutes.

There were 41 comics on the list. A few no shows and cancels here and there. The show went from 8pm to midnight. i ended up there at about 8:15pm even though I was number 38 on the list. I figured it would show enthusiasm and healthy dose of respect to the other comics. But I made the mistake of deciding i didn't want to be seen by the rep wearing the ankle brace that had been helping me walk all week since my trip off the stage at the Black Oak where I sprained the shit out of my ankle (That blog will be up soon I promise.). That combined with the fact that i was out of viccodden to help with said sprained ankle just left me kind of moody and irritated all night. 

I went up around 11:40pm. By then, my ankle was throbbing and screaming at me to get off it, but I still felt very good about my set. Part of me felt like giving him a copy of my CD was cheating, but whatever. I also had the added luxury of having 3 very good friends in the crowd, that weren't comics. Mike & Meghan was there, and CK with his gaggle of ladies. it was great seeing CK all the way out from Vallejo CA to see me do a quick 5 minute audition. I hadn't hung out with him in maybe 6-8 months and he was there with a smile of encouragement, and a conga line of fine ladies with him.

It was an interesting, educational, and fun night. That ended with me and Dr. Brian King killing a serious amount of Chicken & Waffles.